Got a Bad Case of the Blues? Go to Church with Steve Duede

– Performed by Steve Duede

This has been a fun week starting conversations about artists who’ve seen success and now time to shift gears for a few days.  Where will tomorrow’s stars rise?  I’ll bet we’ll find more than a few stars from, a crowd-sourced haven of undiscovered talent in products, games, computers, art, movies and a whole lot of music!  NOTE: This week’s Social Media Marketing Podcast does an excellent job of covering this new proving grounds and how to excel within it.  For now — let’s talk about Steve and Christian Blues like Judgement Day!

Steve Duede’s one of our worship pastors at Eagle Brook Church in the burbs of the Twin Cities in Minnesota – one church in many locations.  This month Steve held the CD release party for his first album of Christian Blues on Kickstarter: Bad Case of the Blues.  By his own testimony ‘Blues does a great job of presenting the pain and frustration we all feel in life’ but he’s an amazing musician looking to do is balance it with a message of hope.  Every once in a while the band will bust out rockin’ blues, soul and folk like Little Ray’s Night Out, Crossroads, What’d I Say, Desire, I’ll Fly Away or Higher Ground.  In the spring Steve, Noah, Mark and the many talented musicians at Eagle Brook have host Ribs’-n-Blues nights as a fun night of outreach to help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ!  As Easter approaches, I have no doubt they have big plans again.  What an amazing church.  It’s my pleasure to serve with you.

So back to you – have you funded a Kickstarter project?  Which one?  Do you have a worship leader who deserves some praise and promotion?  Drop a comment below on either topic and let’s discuss the multitude of talents that God’s given to us and the people around us.

Odd to see a Christian post is what’s primarily a tech/geek blog?  Well, Easter’s almost here and I think there’s a lot of positive, uplifting music ready for discovery.  I decided to post a link spotlighting a newer Christian artist/group and hope you discover new music or perhaps even more.  There’s plenty of praise music/concert/unplugged/lyric videos on this YouTube playlist I setup that goes through dub-step, R&B, electronic, rock, jam-bands, ska, acoustic, latin and gospel tracks.  Any artists out there you recently discovered?

I hope to post new stuff each day as Easter approaches.  I love the Lord and thank Him for all he’s done for me.  My friends and family know I’ve got issues but only through His teaching, sacrifice, and grace do I have an eternal hope.  Forgive one another.  Love one another.  Thank you Jesus!

Previous Artist – Jamie Grace


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